I was invited to attend a very interesting Tech talk recently. Its an initiative by Telekom Malaysia via TM: RE with REKA announcing a new program named #StartIoT, through which both parties will be promoting the connected device arena in Malaysia. As is well known, connected devices or IOTs are increasingly popular these days, with various companies venturing into it and using technology advantages in increasing productivity, efficiency, and so on.  They’re many interesting insight i get thru this event as i am not really tech…Continue Reading “STARTIOT NEW INITIATIVE BY TELEKOM MALAYSIA AND REKA”

Whenever i travel to oversea i will always buy a new local sims card. And its kinda hassle to change every time i was there. Plus not all sims are default to English language. So recently I’ve discover that Berjaya Time Square Hotel have the solutions for this problem, and its really simple yet brilliant. Introducing the first ever handy phone in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur.   Handy phone what is it really? I tell you its something every traveler would love…Continue Reading “FIRST EVER HANDY PHONE IN MALAYSIA AT BERJAYA”

Malaysia now its not a really young country. On 31 August 1957 we achieve independence thru a democratic way. Its a already been 60 years since that historical day. Now we are moving forward to a very modernize and advance country even thought their is hardship and constant struggle to it. Never the less i’m still a proud Malaysian through and through. I’m not an avid historical or military movie fans. Recently i got an invitation to see the movie called Malay Regiment. And this premiere…Continue Reading “MALAY REGIMENT MOVIE GOOD OR NOT?”

Recently i got the chance to attend the MOU signing for the Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017 at the Selangor Turf Club, Seri Kembangan. This MOU is between Qui Production Group and De BEAUTY. With these year theme Be A Star, we can see all the participant not only judge by their look but more importantly their Academic, Character and also their achievement in their career. This time the prize for the winner will be huge. The queen or the winner will receive a whopping RM30,000 worth…Continue Reading “AGELESS INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT 2017”

Back in March, I and Baha plan a very much unplanned trip to Pattaya, Thailand. This happened because we got cheap return ticket from Kuala Lumpur to U-Tapao, Rayong. It cost us only RM 140! its a great deal. This time around i didn’t have any intention to do video or shoot some awesome scene. This trip are solely for relaxing hehe. My usual “Model” when i travel with him lolz! Good jobs guys keep the airplane on schedule. So our journey took us around 2 hour…Continue Reading “A VERY CHILL RELAX PATTAYA TRIP 2017”

RESIPI DAGING KAMBING MASAK MERAH SIMPLE MAK SITI Bahan-Bahan : Daging Kambing/Biri-biri  –  2kg (bahagian bahu kambing lebih baik) Tepung Gandum  –  2 sudu besar  Limau Kasturi  –  3 biji di perah Jusnya Halia  –  1 inci Bahan-Bahan untuk di kisar : Bawang Putih  –  1 labu Bawang Besar  –  2 biji Halia  –  3 inci Cili Kering  –  10 biji Bahan Tumisan : Serbuk Cili Rempah Ratus Mak Siti  –  2 sudu besar Tomato Puri  – 1 tin kecil Tomato Sos  – 1 sudu besar Cili…Continue Reading “RESIPI DAGING KAMBING MASAK MERAH SIMPLE MAK SITI”

In life there is always up an down. While we struggle and fight through the hard time to see a better day. We also should embrace and celebrate the joyous time of our life. So the story goes like this, few months back i saw this show called Makan Minum Kopi on YouTube shared by Harith Iskander. It was a eating show that feature local celebrity and their guest. It was totally a show that i love to watch since i am a foodie my…Continue Reading “BEST DAY OF MY LIFE FEATURING MAYA”

Ramadhan is just around the corner and beside the bless month its also a month where break fasting buffet was the second most celebrated things in Malaysia. I was bless i got an invitation from Berjaya Time Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for their upcoming Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant inside the hotel. With more than 200 menus ranging from local to international delicacies, from savory to the sweetest dessert, you will be amaze. So far this is one of the best Ramadhan…Continue Reading “BERJAYA BAZAAR RAMADHAN BUFFET 2017”

This Ramadhan why not try something different for your iftar/break fasting? Instead of regular traditional local menu and some western dish why not try full spread of Thailand food for buffet. So sometime in march i got an invitation by my friend to sample the food here at Chakri Palace, KLCC. And i say why not, before this i never try any of their food, but it doesn’t mean i not well verse with Thai food ya. In fact i grow with Thai food since…Continue Reading “THAI FOOD BUFFET THIS RAMADHAN AT CHAKRI PALACE 2017”

Yaataa! another cool and awesome Japanese restaurant is here in Kuala Lumpur. It’s Aragan Yokocho in Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. When i get inside this restaurant, it’s feel really weird because of its open space concept. I feel like i’m in old Japanese alley. Well true to its name Aragan Yokocho which literally means Aragan Alleyway really bring its concept into the restaurant. Lets check it out! The Entrance is nice and the stuff are friendly even though there are a bit shy when i snap this photo….Continue Reading “AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FOOD EXPERIENCE ARAGAN YOKOCHO”