Back in March, I and Baha plan a very much unplanned trip to Pattaya, Thailand. This happened because we got cheap return ticket from Kuala Lumpur to U-Tapao, Rayong. It cost us only RM 140! its a great deal. This time around i didn’t have any intention to do video or shoot some awesome scene. This trip are solely for relaxing hehe.

My usual “Model” when i travel with him lolz!

Good jobs guys keep the airplane on schedule.

So our journey took us around 2 hour +  its really a short flight time comparing to Bangkok. U-Tapao airport is really small and its still on the old side. Once we arrived we need to take a minivan to Pattaya, its cost us 250 baht and about 1 hour journey. We get in the minivan with some Malaysian whose on their work trip. So its not really boring ride along the way. We stay at 18 Coins Café & Hostel in the center of the Pattaya. Once check in we just chill and rest before heading out that night.

View from the small balcony of the bedroom.

View from the small balcony of the bedroom.

So after some rest we go out to explore the city. For now we just using walking and using the public transport. In Pattaya the most easy and accessible public transport is the Songthaew. It only cost you 10 baht for single trip around its own circuit. Amazingly that night we cover quite a long distance. We walk more than 15 km around the city. Its really fun to walk in Pattaya because so many things happened around you.

This one of the busiest crossroad in Pattaya. Its just nearby the hostel.

An open space bar concept at this area.

This beach is full of activity even at night time.

One of the pack Soi. I think this is Soi 8.

Have you ever tried this silkworm snack?

On the second day we decide to rent a bike. After all renting a bike is the best and cheapest way to fully explore this place! We got a standard rental rate of 250 baht per day. We rent it until the end of the trip. The second day we just explore the place we couldn’t reach and also check in to the new place to stay just a little bit outside of the town.

The Chinatown of Pattaya?

The view from the Pattaya view point. Over here you can see the famous Pattaya Beach that pretty much form a big lagoon.

Not a nice sunset but this will do.

When you got good lighting, this kind of shot also can be done.

This is the second place we stay in Pattaya. Its nearby Jomtien beach. Pretty cheap and the room is very nice. Oh make sure you ask for block B or C, because of its newer room.

Did you see that 399 sign board? Its for a seafood Buffet and its only cost 399 baht!

Some street stall selling typical beach street snack.

The Jomtien beach at night. One thing is the local love to have a picnic every night at the beach.

Jomtien is a more family oriented beach. Its more chill dan relax comparing to the Pattaya beach. And one thing i notice here is the volume of tourist from Europe especially Russian are quite high. If i choose between Pattaya Beach and Jomtien, i will choose the later.

This is the main lounge of the Duo Residence. It happened to be Baha favorite spot to chill and sleep. LOL!

On one of the day we decide to go further outside of the city. To visit the famous Silverlake and Giant Buddha carving on the rock. We actually saw this place on the day we arrived. From the airport we pass thru this place. It takes us around 35-45 minutes to get there from Jomtien. In order to get to this Silverlake, we use the main road. The road is good but its always have police road block since we dont have international driving license the just give us tickets. It cost us 500 baht! Luckily this ticket can be use for a week of illegal driving hahaha.

This is Silverlake entrance. Its basically a vineyard beside a lake and Buddha Mountain. The vineyard opens daily from 9 am until 6 pm. And for me the best time to be here is around 4 pm. Because its not to hot and the lake will look more beautiful at that time.

Entrance is free. Visitors can take a vineyard tour by electric tram. Two packages are available.

Package A: Tour including 2 glasses of wine and 1 bottle of grape juice –  250 baht
Package B: Tour including 1 bottle of grape juice –  100 baht


As you can see we are stunned and obsessed by the size of this vegetable. I’m not sure what the name of this plant. Let me know in the comment section!

This tree is planted by the late King Rama 9.

Size comparison between Baha and the mountain. Not much different i guess. 😛 lol

This is what happened when you have small road but you still wanna make a U-turn. Come on you are freaking big bus!

So far in my many travel to this beautiful country called Thailand. I never been to any of its floating market. So this time i decide to visit one in Pattaya. I guess its generic everywhere in Thailand. But its a fun place to eat and hang out. Oh ya the food is a bit pricey. If you look like local you can actually enter this place for free 😀


Well like i mention earlier, the trip this time really a laid back and lazy trip for me. I just shoot little photos and not even a video. You might wondering where are all the food photos? Well i will do another comprehensive post about food in Pattaya, more importantly Halal food in Pattaya. Well thats all for now, hope you enjoyed the photos and the story. Chao!

Back in KLIA 2, Baha manage to poison me with this delicious pop corn. Damn good!

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30 thoughts on “A VERY CHILL RELAX PATTAYA TRIP 2017

  1. Ur trip sounds so much fun… seafood at 399 baht… woah .
    Also I loved the pic with the Buddha inscribed in stone 😊👌

  2. A lot of travellers I meet in Cambodia talk about Pattaya. I’ve always thought it was a backpacker’s destination because of all the full moon parties, but I love your photos. They give a different perspective of the place.

  3. Your pictures are absolutely amazing. I feel like I just took a trip to Thailand. I would love to visit there sometime. Beautiful just beautiful.

  4. Awesome, love those little random trips. Great advice about asking for the newer block and Silverlake looks great. Love the photos.

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