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Recently i got the chance to attend the MOU signing for the Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017 at the Selangor Turf Club, Seri Kembangan. This MOU is between Qui Production Group and De BEAUTY. With these year theme Be A Star, we can see all the participant not only judge by their look but more importantly their Academic, Character and also their achievement in their career.

This time the prize for the winner will be huge. The queen or the winner will receive a whopping RM30,000 worth of prize! And the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runner ups will receive RM26,000, RM23,000, RM21,500 and RM21,000 respectively. And there will be special category which is Classic Ageless International and the prize for this is at RM25,000! These lady will definitely will be very happy if won. 😀

This event main objective is to empower women by giving inspirations, motivations and the empowerment the women has. Its a good move by both the Qui Production Group and De BEAUTY to sign the MOU. These truly a unique beauty pageant i ever known since its really inspiring because its mainly focus on young age and beauty only like the normal one.

All the participant in this pageant are nominated from all the De BEAUTY salon from all over Malaysia. They hope by nomination it will make the participant be a role model and inspiration for the communities. And this AIBP 2017 is the perfect platform for the participants to feature and express them self. Also attended to the MOU signing is Professor Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh which is Deputy Vice Chanceller (Internationalization) of Asia Metropolitan University, who also donate a study fund worth RM200,000 to the winner to continue their study in business at the University.

Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017 finale will be held this coming 21th December 2017. And it will be held at Sunway Resort Hotel. I wish all the luck to the participant and may the best beauty win!




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