Yaataa! another cool and awesome Japanese restaurant is here in Kuala Lumpur. It’s Aragan Yokocho in Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. When i get inside this restaurant, it’s feel really weird because of its open space concept. I feel like i’m in old Japanese alley. Well true to its name Aragan Yokocho which literally means Aragan Alleyway really bring its concept into the restaurant. Lets check it out! yataa_aragan_yokocho_best01The Entrance is nice and the stuff are friendly even though there are a bit shy when i snap this photo.

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best02This waiting section are simple yet nice to me.

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best03Simple and neat table set.

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best04Cute eh?

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best05It’s not hot in here but this fan is cool to hold.

Authentic Japanese Food Experience Aragan Yokocho

Okay let me point out what is the Japanese Experience you can get here. Firstly you can try the Yukata, its a summer traditional robe/dress for men, women and also for kids. They also provide the wooden sandal too! Its actually really comfy and pretty awesome. Secondly they are seasonal dining section in this big 18,848 sq. ft restaurant. Its consist of  Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each comes with its own style and decorative elements. Well if you never try Yukata before you can come here to try it!

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best06The children Yukata set.

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best07We love to act in this setting. 😀

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best08Pretending to be Japanese. lol

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best09The helpful staff will help you wear the Yukata.

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best010The Sake bar.

yataa_aragan_yokocho_best011Happy customer indeed!

The Spring section is decorated with bamboos.

The Autumn section. This is the most beautiful section to me.

Emo like autumn in his heart. 😛

The summer section is wide and spacious area.

The winter section have a nice cubical for cozy feeling in the winter.

The Tatami section is ideal for small family, as it provide a very homey vibe to it.

They also have private section for those who prefer a more closed dining experience.

The main reason to be here is the FOOD!

So we already see the interior and the ambiance that Aragan Yokocho offer to us. Now let talk about the most important things, which is the food! Okay basically Aragan Yokocho will bring you all the specialty produce of specific region in Japan. And they also flown the fresh seafood directly from Japan. And whats more exciting is they will serve 200 type of dishes ranging from snack to dessert. They also will bring specialty chef from Japan and will train the local chef the true way of Japanese Food. Now let see what do i have this time at Aragan Yokocho.

Its no fuss to order your food here, just choose anything you like here on the ipad. Easy peasy!

Over here from the top we have Chicken donburi, Edamame and Okonomiyaki. I love how the Edamame slightly salted and grill so nice. The Okonomiyaki are bomb! and the Donburi are good too.

Haru Set is price at RM36.00 promotion price. This menu is very nice and not spicy. The fried chicken is really crunchy and juicy, i love it. The rice bowl its light and refreshing. And the sweet meringue is serve chill so good!

Next we have this Fuyu Set at RM36 while in promotion. They have a chicken sukiyaki really nice broth.

Natsu Set at RM36(promo) is a good starter too if you like tempura, you can choose this one 🙂

Now is dessert time! In Aragan Yokocho, they have quite a selection of dessert. We had a combination of Yam and Matcha ice cream and also some come with sweet blackbean mochi, you should try this one!

Aragan Yokocho is a fun alley to be at!

Aragan Yokocho to me is a solid Japanese restaurant with a very different approach to its interior and concept unlike the one that we always see in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia. We had fun experiencing the space and the cultural burst in this one not so “tiny” restaurant. The staff are friendly and willing to help and generous with smile. The owner are also very humble. I definitely will be back here when they are on full gear probably sometime in April. A approved this restaurant as Awesome. Well from the photos above you can see how much fun we had here. Go check it out and enjoy the Authentic Japanese Food Experience at Aragan Yokocho! Arigatou !

Aragan Yokocho
Address: Lot LG20, Lower Ground Floor, Quill City Mall, No.1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2856 0259 / 016-201 9168
Restaurant is Pork Free

Operation hour (daily)
11:00AM – 3:00PM
5:00PM – 10:00PM




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