Ramadhan is just around the corner and beside the bless month its also a month where break fasting buffet was the second most celebrated things in Malaysia. I was bless i got an invitation from Berjaya Time Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for their upcoming Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant inside the hotel. With more than 200 menus ranging from local to international delicacies, from savory to the sweetest dessert, you will be amaze. So far this is one of the best Ramadhan buffet i ever had if not the best so far. You want to know why? Well lets check it out!

Nice decorated arch

 Chef Yusof the lead for this Ramadhan buffet. His Kedah Fish Head Curry is to die for!

Some of the team member that present us such beautiful and delicious food! Kudos guys!

I love the batik design they used here.


Well as you might know they serve more than 200 menus so i will show you some of it. Also i will show you the menu that i love from this massive selections!

Okay this Lamb is so tender and juicy!  My tips is ask the carver for the best part! Oh ya don’t forget the mint sauce yo!

Vegetable Jelfrezi

Stir Fried Crab with Basil Leaf

Salmon Rolled Filled with Seafood Mousse on Creamed Spinach. This one also good especially the creamed spinach.

Thai Yellow Chicken Curry with Pineapple

Indian Style Lamb Masala

Fried Mussel with Chili and Hot Bean Sauce

Mini Beef Steak with Mashroom Ragout

Fresh Seafood wow!

Wide range of local desert and pastries! Oh also look at the fresh fruits selections!

My Favorite!

So down here is my favorite menu that i found in this crazy big ramadhan buffet!

Look at that fresh fish head!

Chef Yusof demonstrate how to cook the Kedah Curry Fish Head.

This the final product, THE FREAKING GOOD “KEDAH FISH HEAD CURRY BY CHEF YUSOF!“. Why its the best, here is why, the thick flavorful gravy, the fresh fish head and the right consistency between the spice and the coconut milk. Infact i order second serving of it and thats how good it is for me.

Okay this is Kambing (Lamb) Masak Merah. I totally love this dish, usually i had Ayam (Chicken) masak merah, and this is the first time i had Kambing Masak Merah, and it blow my mine! The lamb is so tender and juicy, its absorb all the spices in the gravy and bring our a very decadent flavor that i love in Masak Merah dishes to whole new level!

Okay if you not durian lover you might want to skip this one. But if you are, this is totally a durian cake made from heaven! The durian is pack with its sweetness but not too pungent. The consistency is on the thick side it will definitely fill your durian craving. Plus if you combine it with the Serawa Durian (the sauce around it)  it just pure bliss. I think this is the best dessert in this buffet.

All in all there’s so many great choices you might need to come few time to taste it all 😉 . Beside the great selections of food, you also will be entertain by the Angklung Balle Balle band thru out the night.

Okay are you excited now? So this buffet will start on 29th May 2017 until 22nd June 2017, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

And the price for normal buffet is like this: 

29 May – 4 June 2017
19 June – 22 June 2017

RM128.00 / adult
RM58.00 / child

5 June – 18 June 2017

RM 138.00 / adult
RM 68.99 / child

For special event and group package is like this:

Ramadhan Residential Packages
Stay Period: 27 May – 25 June 2017
(2 Days 1 Night)

Full Day Meeting RM 428.00 / person (Superior Room)
Full Day Meeting RM 308.00/ person based on twin sharing (Superior Room)

– Breakfast/ Sahur
2 Coffee breaks (Morning & Afternoon) with 1 buffet lunch per (non-Muslim)
1 Ramadhan Buffet dinner per (Muslim)

Ramadhan Meeting Packages

RM 158.00 / person
Full day meeting
Inclusive 2 coffee breaks ( Morning & Afternoon) with 1 buffet lunch per (non-Muslim)
1 Ramadhan buffet dinner per (Muslim)
Min 10 persons

RM 148.00 / person
Half day meeting
Inclusive 1 coffee break (Morning) with 1 buffet lunch per (non-Muslim)
1 Ramadhan buffet dinner per (Muslim)
Min 10 persons

Private Ramadhan Buffet in function room.
This Package is valid with a minimum guarantee of 10 tables or 100 persons Every 100 full paying guests, additional 10 guests dine for FREE.
Price: RM 118.00 / person

Bazaar Ramadan Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant Berjaya Time Square.

For reservations or inquiries, please contact them at + 60 (3) 2117 8000



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