The past few week i have a craving for a western style of cuisine. So my friend Neyra and Syafiq invite me to this hidden western food gem in Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. So i arrived at that place around 8pm and just the right time for dinner and i already starving. But i need to wait for Neyra and Syafiq first. Luckily after 10 minutes of wait they finally appear. Okay why is neighbourfood cafe a shockingly delicious western food in KL? Well first of all lets…Continue Reading “NEIGBOURFOOD CAFE A SHOCKINGLY DELICIOUS WESTERN FOOD IN KL”

I always a fans of Japanese food and its cultures. The other day i got to try this new Japanese joint. Its actually pretty reasonably price and the foods are quite good. Amaimono Cafe is located in Kepong. So far this is one of the cutest cafe i ever been. Its fill with cute plushy and the ambiance is really relaxing and suitable for family outing. Lets check it out! AMAIMONO CAFE A CUTE JAPANESE PANTRY THE REAL REASON TO COME HERE! You already saw…Continue Reading “AMAIMONO CAFE A CUTE JAPANESE PANTRY”

Few week back the Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral has launched its own food truck. The event was a success, i truly enjoy the activities there and most importantly the food! Named as Re:Fuel On Wheels (ROW), this is probably the first and only food truck own and manage by a Hotel in Malaysia. The event was launch by the general manager of Aloft Sentral KL, Mr. Greg Gubiani.  He said  “Aloft is a brand that is design forward with no-walls on what can or cannot be done….Continue Reading “HOTEL FOOD AT STREET PRICE?”

In past week i had so many foods because of the Eid celebrations. Even though the food are great, it will become tiresome because i ate the same kind of foods. So recently i got an invitation to try something refreshing. Well you know from the title of this post its all about Seafood and whats better its a buffet.  The restaurant called Nook’s is part of Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur Sentral. Which mean this place is easily access from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.    …Continue Reading “GET YOUR SEAFOOD CRAVING SATIATED AT NOOK’S, ALOFT KL SENTRAL”

When its come to this holy month of Ramadan, the usual think that will pop up in your mind might be where to eat and what to eat for break-fasting. Well if you are from Gombak or nearby it you can head to Restaurant Nelayan Gombak for traditional Malay buffet spread. Restaurant Nelayan Gombak was formerly known as Restaurant Nelayan Titiwangsa and famous as the first floating restaurant and also their steamboat menus. Now there are locating in Batu 8, Gombak and also under new…Continue Reading “CHEAP RAMADAN BUFFET AT RESTAURANT NELAYAN GOMBAK”

Have you ever try eating from a tray? or the food serve on tray? Well this coming Ramadhan at Melur & Thyme they will bring this Malay classical style of dining to a whole new level. Melur & Thyme aims to offer a memorable mix of East and West – Paying tribute to traditional processes and experiences while adding an air of modern elegance. Presented in an eclectic and arty ambiance, one experience a nostalgic charm reinterpreted as a whimsical modern sidewalk cafe. Inspired from…Continue Reading “NASI DULANG THIS RAMADHAN AT MELUR & THYME”

Ramadhan is just around the corner and beside the bless month its also a month where break fasting buffet was the second most celebrated things in Malaysia. I was bless i got an invitation from Berjaya Time Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for their upcoming Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant inside the hotel. With more than 200 menus ranging from local to international delicacies, from savory to the sweetest dessert, you will be amaze. So far this is one of the best Ramadhan…Continue Reading “BERJAYA BAZAAR RAMADHAN BUFFET 2017”

This Ramadhan why not try something different for your iftar/break fasting? Instead of regular traditional local menu and some western dish why not try full spread of Thailand food for buffet. So sometime in march i got an invitation by my friend to sample the food here at Chakri Palace, KLCC. And i say why not, before this i never try any of their food, but it doesn’t mean i not well verse with Thai food ya. In fact i grow with Thai food since…Continue Reading “THAI FOOD BUFFET THIS RAMADHAN AT CHAKRI PALACE 2017”

Yaataa! another cool and awesome Japanese restaurant is here in Kuala Lumpur. It’s Aragan Yokocho in Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. When i get inside this restaurant, it’s feel really weird because of its open space concept. I feel like i’m in old Japanese alley. Well true to its name Aragan Yokocho which literally means Aragan Alleyway really bring its concept into the restaurant. Lets check it out! The Entrance is nice and the stuff are friendly even though there are a bit shy when i snap this photo….Continue Reading “AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FOOD EXPERIENCE ARAGAN YOKOCHO”


When i was in Sungei Wang, i stumble across this odd cafe. Its odd because its located at the basement of this mall. The space is also oddly small. Despite of the oddness the operator of this cafe have a bigger heart and passions! Yes, the name of the cafe is Oddity Cafe! Cool signage for cool cafe. Simple rustic table for the furniture. Busy yet attentive staff member. Oddly Cheap Food! Even though this cafe located in middle of Kuala Lumpur. The food price…Continue Reading “HANGOUT SPOT IN KUALA LUMPUR AT ODDITY CAFE”