Its been a years since i started this little blog. Its a bout travel and wandering Balt or me wandering Balt and my travel stories. To be honest one years ago i didn’t even like to write. If without a the push from friends i met during the TICD 2016, i think there is no Wandering Balt at all.  The main reason i start writing the blog because of my passion of travelling and photography. The reason why i love travelling is to obverse people…Continue Reading “TRAVEL AND WANDERING BALT PART ONE”

Recently I’ve been invited to join a conservation program by Berjaya Hotels and Resorts called Tioman Island Conservation Day 2017. I’m pretty excited about it as this will be my second year participating in this awesome conservation program. The slogan for this year is “Together For Planet Earth“, as accurate as the slogan is its really are our duty to take care our planet not only for us but for your future generations. So like the last year trips we all gather at Berjaya Times Square…Continue Reading “TICD 2017 IS WHERE I FOUND THE LOVE….”

Back in March, I and Baha plan a very much unplanned trip to Pattaya, Thailand. This happened because we got cheap return ticket from Kuala Lumpur to U-Tapao, Rayong. It cost us only RM 140! its a great deal. This time around i didn’t have any intention to do video or shoot some awesome scene. This trip are solely for relaxing hehe. My usual “Model” when i travel with him lolz! Good jobs guys keep the airplane on schedule. So our journey took us around 2 hour…Continue Reading “A VERY CHILL RELAX PATTAYA TRIP 2017”


Earlier this month i saw Aldy with his newly bought camera. I ask him what is the model of camera that you use, and he say he bought the Sony A6000. I say that’s really nice and i think we should go out and do some photo outing together. I ask Aldy what kind of photography genre he like and he say he like street photography. “Splendid” since i also love street photography so i decide to bring him out for a photo-walk. So on…Continue Reading “PHOTO-WALK KL : FEBUARY 2017”

Sometime in the middle of January 2017, Nabu, Kura and Dyst ask me to join them to go see the Fireflies of Kuala Selangor. Well im always down as im pretty free that weekend. So after some discussion in whatsapp group we set the time of pickup for each of us. Around 3 pm they arrived at my place and pick me up. Its been a while since we have this weekend escape away from bustling city or KL or Selangor. And this is the…Continue Reading “FIREFLIES VIRGIN?”

Day one in Cherating was great, i get to know a lots of interesting people from the group. If you haven’t read the first part, the link is here. I had an okay sleep, because it was so cold, the chalet didn’t have an air conditioning. But the normal fan is enough to make all the of us (anyway i’m staying with Omran and Sahil) freezing. Oh ya i forgot to mention that i stay in chalet number 16 in Matahari Chalet or also known…Continue Reading “CS CHERATING SURF TRIP 2016 PART 2”

In my entire life i never ever try wave surfing.  I always want to try it, and in my mind i think it will look cool to be able to ride one surfboard on the wave. While i browsing the events in Couch surfing page, i stumble upon this one particular event, which is “Surfing in Cherating”. Well i guess i should join this event, this is the right opportunity for me to start to surf finally. So i RSVP for this event. This event is…Continue Reading “CS CHERATING SURF TRIP 2016 PART 1”

Ever since i start to travel out of Malaysia. Its all either with company trip or with my friend. Its all fun and easy when you travel with the people you familiar with. I’ve been to Bali, Bangkok and Pattaya, Phuket and Vietnam all are with someone i know. Since I’ve been travel for quite sometime, I’ve decided to try travel solo this time. And for this i choose Bangkok, Thailand as my first ever destination for my maiden solo travel.  A little bit nervous…Continue Reading “BANGKOK 2014: THE CITY I CHOOSE AS THE FIRST SOLO”

Back in 2014, Baem a frequent traveler, show me at this certain date ( i already forgot about it) probably somewhere in January, KLM the Dutch airline have a cheap ticket to Jakarta. I dont know probably pretty cheap as i got it for rm 250 for a return ticket. So we decided to have a weekend short trip to Jakarta. I never been there, so i’m so excited to visit the capital city of Indonesia. Where its one of the densest city in the…Continue Reading “JAKARTA 2014: WEEKEND ESCAPE”