I love to eat seafood, but the good one usually located by the beach or on an island. When i found one in middle of the city, its either very expensive or the seafood totally suck. But afraid not my fellow gourmet now there is this restaurant Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Puchong. But first check this fresh mud crab down here 😉

Dayummm son, that is some fresh crab!

Those crab roe are one of the most treasure part of this crab.


This restaurant serve a very reasonable size crab from medium to large. And the crazy thing is the price of the crab is super cheap with the quality of the crab they serve. Now i’m just talking about the fresh crab only here, don’t even get me started on the menu that they serve.  The fresh crab is one thing, but the the menu and dish here are on very good quality. My personal favorite is the Salted Egg Buttermilk Crab! and they also have homemade Mantou (the mantou is too good. i forgot to capture it)  which is superb when you dip it into the buttermilk gravy!

Salted Egg Buttermilk Crab (L) at RM 55 ( seriously i recommend this! )

Spicy Buttermilk Crab (L) at RM 55 ( Crowd favorite a must try too! )

Curry Crab (L) at RM 55

Crabs in Superior Soup (L) at RM 55

Steamed Crabs (L) at RM 55

The side kick dish.

Since its seafood restaurant we also order bunch of delicious seafood dish. I called it the side kick  menu because the crab are so superior lol.  Anyway check it out!

Spinach Soup at RM 12

Fried Mantis Prawn with Dry Chili at RM 15

Salted Egg Squid at RM 15

Deep Fried Scallops with Cheese Sauce at RM 15

Kam Heong Bamboo Clam at RM15) Deep Fried Scallops with Salad Dressing at RM 15

The side kick!

Final say i had a very good experience eating here. My tummy say triple yes to the crab dish! I definitely will bring my family and friend to share this wonderful gourmet experience. And you should too!

Great news guys, now Ocean Seafood Restaurant are doing promotion on its famous Mud Crab with Roe.

Mud Crab with Roe cooked in any style of your choice:

M size 3 for RM65, 6 for RM120
L size 2 for RM55 , 4 for RM100

For those whose have birthday you can get this sweet birthday promo too!

Spend RM 100 & above (not inclusive promotion item) and get 2 pcs of complimentary crabs. (Please show your IC for verification)

Its pork free and lard free. 😀

Ocean Seafood Restaurant
21,Jln Puteri 2/3
Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong,
Contact : 0102210188





  1. Wow! Look at all that food. Those crabs looks delish – they’re a delicacy where I’m from. You can’t find them anywhere.

  2. This looks great Fazril, although I am not a seafood lover myself. But it is amazing how far we’ve come when it comes to various types of food and cooking. Would love to try crab one day as it look very appetizing. Maybe one day, if you visit Romania, we can exchange culinary favorites 🙂

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