Sometime in the middle of January 2017, Nabu, Kura and Dyst ask me to join them to go see the Fireflies of Kuala Selangor. Well im always down as im pretty free that weekend. So after some discussion in whatsapp group we set the time of pickup for each of us. Around 3 pm they arrived at my place and pick me up. Its been a while since we have this weekend escape away from bustling city or KL or Selangor. And this is the first time all four of us going for an excursion outside KL. If not usually it will be KuraNab and me or KuraNab and Dyst. Well this time its gonna be exciting one as we will go to eat some awesome seafood at RiverView Seafood Kuala Selangor. I’ve been there before this back in 2014 if im not mistaken. And i love how they cook the seafood dish and its really cheap and affordable to me.

Okay back to the present time, actually the time it takes from Damansara to Kuala Selangor is really not that long compare to few years ago. Since the LATAR highway is builded it only takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hours of driving depending on your driving style. So around 5 pm we arrived at the seafood restaurant. The wind at that time is really strong but its not raining or cloudy. But despite all that, when the food arrived we were overjoyed by the smell and the taste of the dishes we have ordered. I would say in japanese “Subarashii-desu!” to the food, maybe we all excited because we were famish at that moment hahaha.

So here are the food that we had that day at River View Seafood Restaurant.

Oyster Omelette

Surprisingly this oyster omelette is bomb! Creamy and yummy!

Yam Cake

This Yam cake, i ordered this one because i miss the taste of it when i had it sometime in 2014 with my lost friend, i miss her T_T.

Special Beancurd

If you are the fans of Beancurd this is pretty decent to me maybe for you too.

Fried Butter Prawn

Okay i know people in SS15 might love the milky butter fried prawn or chicken. But this style of butter prawn still great if you give it a try because you can enjoy the flavorful and crunchy bits of the fried butter and curry leaf. I recommended this one 😀

Deep Fried Squid

By far frying is the simple method to cook squid yet this one is crunchy and flavorful.

Chilies Razor Clam?

Despite its look, this is one of the best taste seafood that we had. They cook it very well and it got the smokey taste to it. Simply delicious!

Steam Sea Bass !

This probably the highlight of the day, Steam Sea Bass. It is steam very well, the fish is fresh and juicy and the soup is delectable!

Okay down here is the happy faces of full humans.

At the end we all pay RM187 for all the food we had. Pretty cheap and definitely worth it 😀


Lets continue

So after we had our early dinner at River View, we headed to the famous Kuala Selangor Lighthouse also know as Altingsburg Lighthouse, pretty cool name eh for local lighthouse. This old lighthouse is build on the top of Melawati Hill. It was built during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim from 1782 to 1826 to fight against the Dutch. Well its still stood and with proper preservation its still look like a new building and functional. We spent on the top of the hill for about an hour and watching some nice sunset. There’s a lots of monkey along the way to the top. And yes we did a lots of photo shoot session so bare with me as more photos is coming, HERE WE GO!



After we get back down the Melawati Hill, suddenly we all feel something weird, we all feel thirsty and craving for something sweet. So while discussing in the car, we saw something big and bright from the distance and it is the damn McD (McDonald obviously)! So without doubt Mc Sundae will be the perfect choice to cure our craving! So we queue in the line with patience, and after few minutes Kura ask the cashier about the ice cream, to our disappointment the ice cream machine at that outlet is broken. End up we just bought cold water from nearby gas station. :/

Well forget about the ice cream, the real reason we going to Kuala Selangor is to see the fireflies. Around 8 pm we arrived at Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Park, and the crowd are quite moderate mostly its the tourist from South Korea. I think we are the only local at that time, maybe. So we go to the counter and pay rm53 for the whole boat that can fit 4 of us. Perfect. We waited in the queue for about 15 minute until our turn arrived to ride the small man powered boat. Once on the boat, the boatman took us deep into the river and its totally dark. The closer we are to the river bank the clearer we can see the Fireflies! Yes real life Fireflies. The boatman took the boat closer to the Berembang trees, which is fireflies habitats, when the water on high tide the fireflies will go up and gather at this tree. We manage to captured the fireflies by hand and play with it before let it go. It is a nice experience to me even though this is my second time there. It definitely a new and awesome experience to this tree fireflies virgin (not anymore as this piece is written) Kura, Nabu and Dyst. Well i didnt managed to capture the fireflies photos but i sure do have video of them. Check it out guys. Enjoy!







20 thoughts on “FIREFLIES VIRGIN?

  1. Sounds like it was a great time. I’ll be honest, the idea of an oyster omelette actually makes me feel a little sick, but I’ll trust you when you say it was nice! The rest of the food look amazing, especially the seabass! Loved the video too, stylish!

  2. Talk about a great day!! Your pictures are beautiful, the food looks amazing, your smiles are everything! Glad you had a blast!

  3. I have been lucky that my grandparents had a small portion of a forest where we spent a lot of time in our summer and winter breaks. We had a chance to explore nature and when I first saw the fireflies, I was around 8 yrs old and was so ecstatic to see these small flashes of light all around the forest. B’ful experience.The food photos have made me hungry and a day out with friends is always special

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