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Whenever i travel to oversea i will always buy a new local sims card. And its kinda hassle to change every time i was there. Plus not all sims are default to English language. So recently I’ve discover that Berjaya Time Square Hotel have the solutions for this problem, and its really simple yet brilliant. Introducing the first ever handy phone in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Awesome charging deck for the phone!
A rather small yet handy phone.


Handy phone what is it really? I tell you its something every traveler would love to have. Its a mobile phone that come with internet connections and its fill with information of local attractions and tips that will make your experience more fun. Not just that you also will get free international call to selected country. Above all, every room in Berjaya Times Square Hotel will be equipped with the a Handy Phone, and you dont need to pay extra to use it!

Beside being a mobile phone it also packed with useful feature such as the travel guide and itinerary. My favorite feature in this handy phone is the instant booking of attraction, tours, food & drinks, activities and even transportation. All of that comes with discounted rate up to 40% , its really handy right?

With all the feature already set and ready to use, i decided to meet some friend and let them test it for me in the busiest spot Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. My friends being a tech savvy person at first their skeptical of this simple looking phone usefulness. Even though we familiar with the area, we just use the handy phone to guide us. Amazingly we no longer discussing too long for where to eat, thanks to the recommendation. That really save our time of searching and debating about where and what to eat. So we can spent more time bonding together.


I would like to compliment Berjaya Hotels & Resorts for being innovative to pioneering the Handy Phone here. Its a great step to make Malaysia as par as developed countries that already use it. And i am truly proud to be among the first to experience it!

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