Its been quite sometime since i visit Bukit Bintang, specifically Epic Circle at Sungei Wang. I got the chance to go there, and to my surprise it has a new theme food court called Foodzania.  I try lots of food, and most of it is pretty cheap and delicious.  They have 3 section or theme at Foodzania which is Food Truck, Food Cart and Food Caravan. The interior design is pretty cozy and fun to the eye and also very social media friendly i must say.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-01We choose to sit here at D’food Caravanz because its cool to sit here, that’s why.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-02It got gas barrel as chair. how cool is that?

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-03Guy’s check this plastic crates as pillar decoration, one word it’s creative!

The Main Course.

Now lets feast your eye’s on the food that i had at this place. This place have a good selection of eastern and western food. So you won’t get bored and ask “where/what to eat ahh?”, well at least for a while. 😉

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-04Asam Pedas Ikan Kembung Set

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-05Ayam Masak Kicap Set

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-016Ayam Masak Merah Set

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-07Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam

First stop is the Malay style food, over here we have a variety of set menu and its price from RM 5.00 and above. You can get this meal at DM Port stall.



good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-09Shish Tawouk with Mandi Rice

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-10Breaded Chicken Chop

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-11Mandi Chicken Rice


To my amazement the middle eastern food at Chef Ahmad stall here is quite cheap ranging from rm5.00 to rm15.00. And my favorite dish is the Shish Tawouk with Mandi Rice, its tender and juicy. The rest are good too.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-12Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Katsu

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-13Spaghetti Carbonara

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-13Spaghetti Bolognese

Here we got some pasta and Japanese Chicken Curry! The pasta here are good which generous filling for both carbonara and bologna. The Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Katsu here i can say is bomb! I love it especially the chicken katsu! The price is from RM7.50 and above. Anyway guy’s look at those tray, they are so cute right? 😉

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-14The oriental feast at Hakka Cuisine

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-15Yong Tau Foo

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-15Chicken Curry at Mary Nyonya

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-16Yam Abacus

If you wanna try some oriental food or chinese food, you can get this kind of menu from several vendor at Foodzania. I love the Yong Tau Foo its really light and filling at the same time. The price range from rm3.50 and above.

The Exotic.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-17Chrysanthemum Tea

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-18Rose Tea

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-19Rozelle Tea

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-20Date’s Tea Herb


Okay this is interesting drink that are make from herb and flower. I love the Chrysanthemum Tea its refreshing.

The Snacks.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-21Assorted fried stuff; Cucur Udang, Fried Nian Gao and Fried Popiah at SS2 Goreng Pisang.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-22Assorted Pisang Goreng; Pisang Goreng Cheese and Pisang Goreng Chocolate Chips at SS2 Goreng Pisang.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-23Fruit Rojak at Quarter Snack.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-24Cupcakes and Egg Tart.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-25Sushi Popiah at Quarter Snack.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-26Assorted waffles at Fun Waffle.

Look at those snacks you can get all of it and have a good and wholesome teatime over here too.  The price range is as low as RM3.50 and above.

The Beverages.

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-27Egg in the Bikini Bottom ( Milk with Cincau and Longan )

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-28Gold in the Deep Sea ( Fizzy Orange )

good-cheap-food-kuala-lumpur-foodzania-29Treasure in the Sacred Sea ( Ribena with Lemon )

 Here we have the cooling and fresh drink with unique names! Pretty creative on the naming the beverages, and my favorite is Egg in the Bikini Bottom.  The drink start from rm3.50 to rm6.00.



I definitely can’t finish everything here alone so i gang up the food with my friends and of course we managed to clean the table up! Overall to me Foodzania is the one of a kind food court that can cater a lots of visitor and it would be great place to hangout with friends and family. You need to be there to experience it and taste the cheap and delicious food!

Foodzania, Level 3
Epic at Sungei Wang, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating hour 10AM–9PM


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