When i was in Sungei Wang, i stumble across this odd cafe. Its odd because its located at the basement of this mall. The space is also oddly small. Despite of the oddness the operator of this cafe have a bigger heart and passions! Yes, the name of the cafe is Oddity Cafe!

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_01Cool signage for cool cafe.

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_02Simple rustic table for the furniture.

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_03Busy yet attentive staff member.

Oddly Cheap Food!

Even though this cafe located in middle of Kuala Lumpur. The food price here are pretty cheap comparing to other cafe around here. And its got a chill vibe perfect for hangout with small batch of close friend or office colleague. The coffee here are pretty good as they roast their own Arabica coffee beans, so we can see the passion in producing a good coffee for this little shop. In term of taste i can give a solid 3 out of 5 star. Maybe i should try their hot drink next time. Now lets check it out what I’ve have try this time at this cafe.

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_04 Americano because i like it black and chill.

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_05Look at that Mocha so thick!

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_06Ice Latte for the creamy smoothness.

What can you eat here?

Now what can you eat here? Well they do serve some pasta and dessert. If you want some quick bite with their delicious coffee you can get their selection of pasta which is seafood marinara, grilled chicken aglio olio and also carbonara. All those pasta only cost me RM 6.90 per dish. And my favorite is the carbonara! Well i let my photos to do the talking 😉


HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_07The bowl actually pretty big, And the portion is just nice love this Carbonara!

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_08If you want quick seafood fix, you should try this marinara. They also include a big mussel!

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_09To me this is perfect for someone whose on clean food diet. The grilled chicken is generous!

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_12They do have delivery service but they only cover the area surrounding the mall only. But hey look at the portions here!

I want something sweet!

Yes they have very good range of dessert! They have cakes, brownies and muffins. I only able to try the warm chocolate muffin (RM 7.90) and the sinful brownies with vanilla ice cream! (RM 9.90). When its come to dessert i can’t complain much, the muffin are comforting and the brownies are just good! It do make the experience here much more pleasant 😀

HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_10A medium size and warm chocolate chips muffin.

  HANGOUT_SPOT_KUALA_LUMPUR_ODDITY_CAFE_11This is so sinful! But i want it more!

Oddity Cafe is really good hangout spot in Kuala Lumpur.

Well if i ever need a quick coffee and food or i just wanna bring my friend to hangout, this place definitely on my list. The owner and the staff are friendly and fun to chat with. The coffee are good, the food are great and the most important thing is the price are reasonable for a cafe in the middle of KL. Go check it out guys and you will thanks me later 😉


Oddity Cafe
C.10.B, Concourse Level, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang , Kuala Lumpur 55100.

Do follow their FB page too – Oddity Cafe


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