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Malaysia now its not a really young country. On 31 August 1957 we achieve independence thru a democratic way. Its a already been 60 years since that historical day. Now we are moving forward to a very modernize and advance country even thought their is hardship and constant struggle to it. Never the less i’m still a proud Malaysian through and through. I’m not an avid historical or military movie fans. Recently i got an invitation to see the movie called Malay Regiment. And this premiere is quite happening with all the local celebrities and VIP. And some cool gimmicks, oh i really hope the movie is good!

Its a historical military movie about the Malay Regiment and specifically the 17 RAMD. The setting of this historical movie is set during the Insurgency in Malaya around 15 July 1946 and 16 April 1976.  This movie is based on true stories about the Operation Bukit Gambir 1 & 2 where the 17 RAMD raid the communist camp deep in the jungle nearby the Malaysia-Thailand border in Gumbir, Kedah.

To know about the movie you should watch it yourself. So far i can say the idea and the premise is quite good, but its all stop there only. If you really like historical movie without the cinematic aesthetic then i would recommend you to go watch this movie in cinema to get the full experience and stop read until here.

On another note its pretty fun to meet and capture the portraits of beautiful people at this premiere. 😀


The rant start here.

I am visual kind of man and i see many flaws in the productions value in this movie. First of all the inconsistency in color grading really annoy me a lots. Some scene are have good color grading while the next one its look like a amateur YouTube video. Beside that the unnecessary video transitions from the current day scene and the past scene really make the movie looks terrible.

The CGI visuals effect for this movie i say quite average since the company that make the CGI vfx can do better job and i know they can. What bother me is the train scene in this movie are overused and the train interior are not properly lit up when view from outside and i thought its a cargo train instead of passenger train.  But some CGI vfx are quite convincing like the centipede on the automatic rifle.

I wish they hire a experience director and production teams that once direct local epic history movie like Puteri Gunung Ledang, Leftenan Adnan or even Polis Evo. Since i mentions Polis Evo, Malay Regiment should really learn how Polis Evo choreograph their gun figthing scene. Malay Regiment gun fight scene especially the earlier scene are so messy i actually get a headache. But the solo scene of Captain Zainal (main protagonist) fighting until last breath are quite good in fact the best one compare to other fight scene in this movie. So credit are due there.

Malay Regiment movie good or not?

I say its NOT GOOD and i will give 4 out of 10. Because basically this movie got a lots of plot holes that should be improved. Well i really wish this movie can be remake but with a better productions team. Okay enough rant lol.

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 60 Malaysia!!!

Disclaimer : I am not a professional movie critics but i do have knowledge in film making and i watch a lots of movie. So take it with grain of salt ya 😉

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  1. I agree with your point of view. Most of the scenes are somewhat fragmented. Perhaps, this film need a professional advice and guidance. They should invest more on that because it actually can be a proud archive for the national film industry in the long run.

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