Need For Speed? Blastacars Experience.

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Do you have the need for speed? Well i need it after wholesome food that i consume earlier. Introducing Blastacar Drift Karts, not your regular go kart experience. Why you ask me? Because it’s drift. If you love speed, this place is a must visit for speed junkies! Located on the 5th floor in Epic Circle at Sungei Wang.



need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_02All ride and attractions with price.

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_03Trying VR gear. The headset looks cool!


The Blastacars Drift experience.

This is my first time trying this kind of karts. It has 3 type of karts that have different engine power. I got to try the advance kart. If i’m not mistaken it has 270cc engine which is quite fast but manageable to me. Beside the main attractions which is the Drifts Kart they also have others attractions like VR Captain, Triple Screen Race Simulators and Nerf + Arrow Battlefield, damn cool weh!


need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_05Race circuit to Human (Baha is the model of the day)  scale. Its pretty big and i totally enjoyed it!

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_06Again Kart to Human scale.

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_07Racer from Cyberjaya.

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_08Racer from Batam

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_09The Champion of the day. Small like “Cili Api” but power.

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_10Second round? Lets go!

Thanks K Network Media for this video.

need_speed_blastacars_drift_experience_11Thanks Ellie of Cleffairy for this group photo.

My personal thought on this ride is totally fun. You might think 10 minutes is a short time, but take my word when you move the machine at high speed you will feel 10 minutes is much more longer than you thought so. I managed to do 15 laps in 10 minutes if you are pro you can do more that 20 laps in 10 minutes.  Overall i really recommended this place for you to settle some score with your rival or just for occasional family and friends activities.  😛

Check their Facebook and this is the address! Try it and get your adrenaline fix! ENJOY!

Blastacars Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
5F- 001, 5th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, 50250 Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur




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