Its been quite sometime since i visit Bukit Bintang, specifically Epic Circle at Sungei Wang. I got the chance to go there, and to my surprise it has a new theme food court called Foodzania.  I try lots of food, and most of it is pretty cheap and delicious.  They have 3 section or theme at Foodzania which is Food Truck, Food Cart and Food Caravan. The interior design is pretty cozy and fun to the eye and also very social media friendly i must say. We…Continue Reading “GOOD AND CHEAP FOOD IN KUALA LUMPUR AT FOODZANIA”


Earlier this month i saw Aldy with his newly bought camera. I ask him what is the model of camera that you use, and he say he bought the Sony A6000. I say that’s really nice and i think we should go out and do some photo outing together. I ask Aldy what kind of photography genre he like and he say he like street photography. “Splendid” since i also love street photography so i decide to bring him out for a photo-walk. So on…Continue Reading “PHOTO-WALK KL : FEBUARY 2017”

When talking about SS15 in Subang, we would have ever thought a lot of interesting places to eat there. And the famous one of all is the Gold Chilli Butter Milk Chicken!. Although this restaurant has been in operation for a few years ago, I only knew of its existence just a year ago. So this time i will try the food with the Haivity team at this popular restaurant among students and the public at SS15, Subang let’s check it out!   SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN (BONELESS) First menu that we tried here…Continue Reading “GOLD CHILLI BUTTER MILK CHICKEN IN SS15 STILL GOOD TO ME”

Usually when we talk about the premium western food we will definitely be thinking of it’s high price point. What more when the restaurant was located in an area known for restaurants that are  premium for example in Solaris Publika, Kuala Lumpur. This time I with the Haivity team got to try one of this restaurant that are stylish and attractive called L’Classico. Even though this restaurant provide premium menu but we found out the price of the food here is pretty reasonable. L’Classico interior are on the contemporary and…Continue Reading “PREMIUM YET AFFORDABLE WESTERN CUISINE AT L’CLASSICO, PUBLIKA”

Lately the Kuih Keria Gula Melaka ( donuts make from sweet potato and glazed with palm sugar ) in Melaka has gone viral. People have queue up to 2 hour just to get the Kuih Keria. Some in Kuala Lumpur even hired a runner to just buy the donuts from there at really hefty price. I never tried the Melaka version of this donuts. But i am lucky enough there is one stall in Kampung Setia Kuang also make the same kind of donuts but with owns…Continue Reading “KUIH KERIA GULA MELAKA IN KUANG IS CHEAP, SUPER TASTY AND NO HASSLE OR LONG QUEUE!”

After a busy weekend in Bentong on Chinese New Year days. And fill with superb food from the wedding ceremony, finally i arrived back home in Kota Damansara. Its a long weekend and holiday season but i’m too tired to go anywhere far from my house. Yesterday evening i’m planning to go out to grab some late lunch at mamak’s ( Indian muslim restaurant) but i also need to fill my car gas too at the same time. Now i have two choice my stomach…Continue Reading “WHEN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GAS STATION HAVE GOOD BURGER!”

Sometime in the middle of January 2017, Nabu, Kura and Dyst ask me to join them to go see the Fireflies of Kuala Selangor. Well im always down as im pretty free that weekend. So after some discussion in whatsapp group we set the time of pickup for each of us. Around 3 pm they arrived at my place and pick me up. Its been a while since we have this weekend escape away from bustling city or KL or Selangor. And this is the…Continue Reading “FIREFLIES VIRGIN?”

Recently i had a chance to visit a restaurant located in Bandar Baru Bangi called Orked Lavender. I was invited by Haivity (food and travel portal in Malay Language) to do some food review for them. Bandar Baru Bangi, since 2016 known for its boutiques, restaurants and cafes that have various concepts and interior design that is beautiful. Among the latest is the restaurant called Orked Lavender. With its neat and cute interior that comes with a simple selection of furniture and contemporary decor and also the restaurant…Continue Reading “NASI DAGANG ORKED LAVENDER BANGI IS ONE OF THE BEST I’VE TRIED”

Sometime in December, my friend Sheril have PM me and ask me if i’m interested to join her to food review at Tony Roma in Sunway Pyramid. Well the only thing that i can think when i see her PM is “Hell Yeah!”. So on 15 December 2016, with an exciting heart and face, i drive my way to Sunway Pyramid, around 12.00 pm i arrived in Sunway Pyramid. Contacted Sheril, she say she will be a bit late and ask me to go straight…Continue Reading “TONY ROMA SHARING PLATTERS!”